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New albums released and coming up

Busch & Van Kemenade - New CD "DEDICATION"

"Busch & Van Kemenade present one of the most appealing variants of New Jazz I have heard." LEONID AUSKERN- Belorus - Nestor .. "Thanks a lot, dear Paul, for the great album - finest dialogues! Greetings" BERT NOGLIK .. "Spirit and Power. Magnificent concert. Excellent!" nrwjazz.net

Jorge Pardo & Dinesh Mishra - Multi Roots

Jorge Pardo has been a member of the legendary Paco de Lucia Quintet for almost 20 years and is the torch holder of modern flamenco jazz flute. One World fusion with elements from flamenco, jazz, north-indian and persian music. The first videos are online. Put your headphones on and enjoy the sound of Maarwegstudios (former EMI).

Inside Out - Stockhausen & Weber - Alba

ECM 2477, Release Date: 15 April 2016 : Though very different in their connections to the language of jazz, both musicians share a deep interest in the process of creative expression: of looking inwards and outwards with intensity at things, for echoes, resonances, insights.

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