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A few of the artists we focus on 

Busch & Van Kemenade

“… moments of creative intimacy enthralled audiences, … In actual fact these were the European moments that Nils Landgren would have hoped for, moments that were unspectacular yet inspired, rooted in tradition yet humorously individual….”
SZ on the Berlin Jazz Festival 2010.

Now after lots of concerts and some tours the Duo comes up with some new tracks.


is a young German-Lebanese newcomer band that took the German jazz scene by storm in 2012. Formed in 2011, only one year later they received the “Bremer Jazzpreis”, a promotion prize from "Initiative Musik" of the german government, and played two sold-out concerts on Berlin Jazz Festival.

Now they present their new release on Traumton records.

Markus Stockhausen

Markus Stockhausen, international trumpet soloist and composer, has collaborated extensively with his father, the composer Karlheinz Stockhausen. Since 2002 he focusses on his own composed and improvised music, including a kind of devotional, intuitive music that transcends all musical styles.

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